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Recommended Service Providers

Fort Point Insurance recommends the following companies and organizations:


Alarm Companies

Art & Jewelry Appraisers

Domestic Employee Staffing

Earthquake Retrofit Companies

Financial Planning

International Health

Individual Life, Health and Dental

Personal Bill-Paying & Bookkeeping

Water Damage Prevention Products
To learn more about water detection devices, contact your alarm company, local plumber, or any of the vendors listed below. Use the links to review additional information about specific water detection products.

  • DynaQuip Controls offers WaterCop, a water damage prevention system that uses moisture sensors and an automatic shut-off valve to detect leaks and automatically stop their water supply.
  • FloLogic, Inc. offers the FloLogic SystemŽ, a water flow monitor that recognizes continuous water flow that exceeds normal use and responds by shutting off the water supply. View the FloLogic brochure  |  View the Water Security Systems brochure
  • Kitco Corporation offers Flood Buster, a wireless, portable device that detects water and sounds its alarm.
  • Smarthome, Inc. offers a variety of water prevention devices, including systems designed to work with home appliances that use water.
  • Glentronics, Inc. offers the Basement Watchdog, a series of emergency battery backup systems for basement sump pumps.

Wealth Managers

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Coverage Review

Fort Point Insurance will provide a complimentary review and analysis of your current insurance.

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We work with those individuals and families whose complex needs demand significant client service resources.

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